Hey, what’s this?

Hey! This is a newsletter all about Louisville, told from the perspective of Gabe Duverge & Chris Hatfield of the What High School Did You Go To? podcast.

And like how Louisville isn’t really in the South but it’s sure as hell not in the Midwest either; this newsletter won’t be just one thing. We’ll probably share news stories you should check out, but it will also feature things we like and love about the city. It will be a place where we can flesh out ideas that don’t really fit on the podcast (you knew we had a podcast right?)

Our goal with this thing is to try and extend our arms around this big little city of ours. We won’t be buttoned up like the CJ, but we’re not quite the LEO. This is certainly what the Market Analysts at Yum Brands would call a “millennial-focused” operation.

Yeah that’s a dope gif.

Who are we?

We are the hosts of the as-previously-mentioned What High School Did You Go To? podcast. We talk the latest news, sports and other happenings that are happening in L.A. (Louisville Area.)

Who is this for?

Anyone who loves this silly city and wants to stay informed on what’s new, notable and maybe even important.

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